Cube Aim black/green

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Ratu izmērs 27.5″  – Rāmja izmērs  16″, 18″

Ratu izmērs 29″  – Rāmja izmērs 17″, 19″, 21″

Safe, predictable handling is the backbone of any bike. That’s why we started with our renowned compact Agile Ride Geometry, for a perfect blend of lively handling and a relaxed, comfortable ride position. To make sure that all your effort is translated into forward progress, we added a cross-ovalised down tube for extra stiffness, made from 6061 aluminium using our Advanced Mechanical Forming Process. It’s one of many features that makes the Aim frame light, but exceptionally strong. And to really show off the frame’s looks – and keep it looking good for many years to come – we finished off with several layers of paint in our simple but bold black ‘n’ green colour scheme.