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CUBE Shoes GTY MAZE X Actionteam

Artikuls: C 17070

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A functional and comfortable flat-pedal shoe with lace fastening. The hard-wearing upper and reinforced toe box will withstand the rigours of even the gnarliest of trails to keep both shoe and rider well protected. Perfect not just on singletrack and pump tracks, the MAZE is equally at home on casual cruises through the urban jungle. The easy pull-on system and lace holder are practical additions to this great all-round shoe. Air holes and a special mesh construction keep your feet pleasantly cool while the reflective heel details improve safety in low-light conditions.

lace fastening, Natural Fit performance moulding, Natural Fit insole, durable upper, reinforced toe box, easy pull-on system, lace holder, anti-slip suptraction outsole suitable for flat pedals, vents and mesh construction for optimised air flow, reflective heel detail, stiffness index: 4

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