Schwalbe SMART SAM Perf, 26×2,25

Artikuls: C 94050
Cena  21,59
Cena veikalos: € 23.99
ar Drauga Karti: € 21.59

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Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance MTB  Tire – 26×2.25 Inches

No easy challenge for the Schwalbe senior developer. The result, however, is outstanding. The tread of the new Smart Sam is modern and balanced at the same time. The compact central rib provides comfortable rolling; the edged outer lugs guarantee optimized off-roadgrip. For this reason Smart Sam is reliable in every condition and even rolls well on roads.

The Addix compound is created using completely new formulas. Schwalbe purchases advanced raw materials only with the worldwide best quality. Basically, Schwalbe has significantly increased the filler content for silica and now controls the mixing process more accurately than ever before. The Addix compounds are characterized by one thing in particular: they solve the trade-off between grip, rolling resistance and wear. The result is a tire with a whole new level of performance and quality.

LiteSkin are the lightest option. They forego the Snakeskin technology, but still have the same high pressure resistant tire beads.

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