Sigma velo lukturis Buster 400 FL

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SIGMA Buster 400 FL
From now on, darkness can no longer slow down your cycling pleasure. This ensures the light output of 400 lumens and 120 meters headlamp range of Sigma’s front light Buster 400 FL.

Features – Buster 400 FL headlight (without STVZO approval)

  • Thanks to high-quality Osram LEDs and a specially developed convergent lens, the SIGMA Buster 400 lights also achieve a very uniform light distribution
  • Five different preset light modes provide flexibility in luminosity (High: ≤ 400 lumens, Mid: ≤ 200 lumens, Low: ≤ 100 lumens, Night Flashing ≤ 300/400 lumens, Day Flashing ≤ 100 lumens)
    and with battery runtimes – from ≤ two hours at maximum illumination (High) to Day Flashing and up to 25 hours of lighting operation
  • 120 meters of luminous range
  • Charging time: three hours, recharging possible during operation
  • Thanks to the practical memory function, Buster 400 lights up again in the mode in which you switched the light off the next time you switch it on
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable lithium-ion battery
  • rechargeable via USB-C, charging indicator shows charging progress
  • Five-level charge and six-level battery indicator. When the lamp is off, a short press on the on/off button is enough to activate the charging indicator
  • Two short presses (“double click”) switch the headlamp on. This protects it against accidental switching on during transport. Press and hold the On/Off button to switch it off
  • Splash-proof according to IPX4 standard
  • Reflective SIGMA logo (“Light Guide”) on the side for even better visibility
  • the integrated slider with silicone strap allows the helmet light to be slid onto the bracket and removed again just as easily and without tools (not StVZO-approved for operation on handlebars)
  • The bracket fits handlebars from 22-35 mm (for operation on the handlebars not StVZO-approved)

Product features

  • Functions: Five light modes with different luminous intensities and battery runtimes
    • High Mode: up to 400 lumens, up to two hours
    • Mid Mode: up to 200 lumens, up to four hours
    • Low Mode: up to 100 lumens, up to nine hours
    • Night Flashing: up to 300/400 lumens, up to five hours
    • Day Flashing: up to 100 lumens, up to 25 hours
  • Loading
    • fully charged via USB-C in just three hours
    • three-level charging status indicator
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 83 x 36 x 35 mm (without mount)

Weight (manufacturer’s specification)

  • 107 g

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