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Sigma BUSTER 2000

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SIGMA Buster 2000
With 2,000 lumens, the BUSTER 2000 is your power light for perfectly illuminated trails.

Bring on the night: the Buster 2000  of Sigma Sport

The product comes with a powerful battery pack and an ultra-light remote with glow-in-the-dark buttons. With a burn time of between 2.5 and 20 hours, the helmet light is your indispensable companion for any night ride.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x BUSTER 2000
  • 1 x BUSTER 2000 REMOTE
  • 1 x CHARGER

Product features

General functions

  • Beam range: 200 m
  • Burn time:
    • 2.5 h (high-power mode)
    • 5 h (power mode)
    • 10 h (standard mode)
    • 20 h (eco mode)
    • 9 h (flashing)
    • 11 h (pulsing)
    • 10 h (SOS-flashing)
  • Maximum light output: 2000 lumens
  • Seven light modes:

    • high-power mode (2000 lm)
    • power mode (1300 lm)
    • standard mode (600 lm)
    • eco mode (300 lm)
    • flashing, fast flashing and SOS-flashing mode
  • Splash resistant in accordance: Yes, with IP44
  • Switch on protection: Yes, double click for ON


  • 105 g

Battery Pack

  • Charge time: 5 h
  • Power monitor: 4-stage LED capacity display
  • Splash resistant in accordance: Yes, with IP44


  • 344 g


  • Splash resistant in accordance: Yes, with IP44
  • Switch on protection: Yes, double click for ON


  • 14 g

Design / Technology

Premium-quality casing

  • The BUSTER 2000’s timeless and elegant design is thanks to its anodized aluminum casing. The finish is also scratch resistant.

Light & compact

  • With a weight of just 105 grams, the BUSTER 2000 is comfortable to wear on a helmet. The battery pack can be conveniently stored in a rucksack with the extension cable.

Glow in the dark

  • Both the light’s operating button and the two large buttons on the wireless remote glow in the dark so can be easily seen at night.

Practical connection system

  • The design of the connections has been improved so that the light and the battery pack can be connected and disconnected more easily. This vastly reduces the risk of cable breakage.

Power to go

  • The silicone bracket with the two silicone straps enables the battery pack to be attached to the frame quickly, securely, and, above all, without scratching it.

Power Monitor

  • The battery pack’s current charge status can be viewed at the push of a button. The four LEDs each indicate 25% of the capacity. The USB port can also be used to charge other devices.

Remote Control

  • Double-click the top button to switch on the BUSTER 2000. Press and hold the same button to switch the helmet light off again. Press the top button to toggle between the three flashing modes. The bottom button switches between the four solid light modes.


Powerful performance

  • As the name suggests, the BUSTER 2000 power light has a 2,000-lumen output – and yet still an impressive burn time of up to 20 hours.
  • Three CREE LEDs ensure a constant light output for perfectly illuminated routes and trails.

Seven light modes

  • With seven different light modes, the illumination intensity can be optimally controlled. The four solid light modes ‘eco’ (300 lumens), ‘standard’ (600 lumens), ‘power’ (1,300 lumens), and ‘high power’ (2,000 lumens) enable riders to pace the burn time. The flashing modes ‘flashing’, ‘pulsing’, and ‘SOS’ make riders more visible on trails.

Remote Control

  • The BUSTER 2000 comes with a wireless remote control that weighs only 14 grams. This is especially handy when using the light on your helmet. The remote control attaches to your handlebars with an o-ring and can be quickly found at night as the buttons glow in the dark. It uses an interference free 2.4 GHz transmission signal.

Battery Pack = Power Bank

  • In the Panasonic cells built into the battery pack ensure an output of 6,400 mAh. The current charging status of the battery can be read using the four-stage indicator. A USB port can be used to charge additional devices such as bike computers or smartphones.

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