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Trelock slēdzene FS 480/100 COPS® ZF 480 X-PRESS

Artikuls: W 8005522
Cena  89,99
Cena veikalos: € 99.99
ar Drauga Karti: € 89.99




The new FS 480 COPS® in the new TRELOCK look, is the compact new addition to the popular COPS folding lock series. The rubberized links made of hardened steel can be unfolded up to 1.00 m in length. Locking a bike to a stationary object is even easier. For convenient locking, the FS 480 COPS® is equipped with a 360 degree rotatable insertion area on the lock head and a reversible key. The IN-X® cylinder is protected from dust and dirt by a cover. The 100 cm version comes with the new X-PRESS bracket. The new locking mechanism of the X-PRESS holder makes it even easier to remove and insert the lock. To remove the lock, press the red button and the lock is released. To secure the lock in the bracket again, simply press the brackets together.

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