Gultnis NEWMEN Bearing BB CB 12x21x5 C3 LLH

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NEWMEN Ball Bearing BB CB 12x21x5 C3 LLH for hub body

Genuine replacement ball bearing from Newmen if your bearing is worn or damaged.

Newmen only uses high-quality deep groove ball bearings with C3 clearance. Ball bearings with a cage and lightly running seals are used on all easily rotating components, such as the hub bodies. For slowly rotating and highly loaded components, such. B. the freewheel body, full-spherical bearings are used. Full spherical bearings have a higher load rating and are stronger than normal ball bearings with cage.
A ball bearing always needs a certain bearing play, so that it works permanently and the lubricating film is not interrupted.

Technical specifications:

Material: steel
Storage type: BB CB C3 LLH
Dimension IØxAØxB: 12x21x5 mm
Compatibility: Road nonDisc hub body (front wheel)
Seal: 2RS – double-sided rubbing seal
Version: CB – standard number of balls
Manufacturer number: 90177
Color: silver, green


Delivery: 1x Newmen ball bearing

Note: When inserting or driving in ball bearings, always make sure that the bearing is always pressed or hammered over the ring, which is also the interference fit of the bearing.
Example hub: The hub body bearings are pressed in over the outer ring. The bearing may therefore only be pressed in or knocked over the outer ring. Never over the inner ring!