Protest Supboard Air 10FT

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Introducing the Air supboard by Protest – made to help you get there. This all-round board is inflatable making it easy to transport and to store. The board has a round tail for easy control and a round nose that makes for a stable and smooth ride. It’s a ‘flat rocker to important nose rocker’ which means that there’s more glide and ease in waves or bumps. There are 2 fixed side fins and a detachable centre fin. Made from Drop stitch material, this board is amazingly durable and super strong. The D-ring makes it easy to attach your leash and an adjustable bungee keeps your gear secure. The Air comes with it’s own backpack on wheels to make transportation easy. This board also has it’s own pump, paddle and repair kit. The paddle has neo handles with grip and is adjustable in length. The paddle can also be broken down so that it fits nicely into your backpack. The surface of the board is treated with an anti-slip coating making it much easier to stay on the board! Board measurements: L 10’2″ × W 33″ × H 5″. An exceptional board made for everyone, from beginners to pro.