uvex ultra silver/black mat

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uvex ultra

Ultra-elegant, ultra-safe. The uvex ultra helmet occupies a class of its own. Its hybrid construction combines the best of two worlds – technology and design. The glossy in-mould shell is ultralight while the matt hardshell guarantees ultimate style and impact resistance. An actively adjustable ventilation system, the functional lining and the IAS fitting system ensure maximum comfort at all times. All in all: ultra good.

The uvex ultra is a multi-talent in a class of its own. With its hybrid construction, it combines the impact resistance of a hardshell with the lightness of an in-mould helmet. The ultralight and extremely safe all-rounder sits perfectly because the IAS fitting system helps it adapt to the shape of the head with millimetre accuracy in seconds. Thanks to its adjustable ventilation system, the uvex ultra also ensures wearers of a pleasantly cool head – no matter how long the skiing day lasts. Additional convenience comes from the monomatic fastener, which can be opened and closed with one hand – even when gloved up.


And there’s something else the uvex ultra can do: look ultra good. The use of matt and gloss elements combined with intelligently placed air vents delivers a modern, sporty look with an added style factor.