INOKIM Quick 4 Super

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INOKIM QUICK 4 SUPER LG Electric Scooter is a device with soft and energy-intensive suspension based on compressible elastomeric blocks with an anti-theft function.

Svars:21,5 kg

Max. ātrums:

45 km/h (25km/h EU versija)
Akumulators:LG Lithium Ion, 52V, 16 A/h
Motors:60W  gearless motor
Uzlādes laiks:7 st pilns uzlādes cikls
Paredzamais attālums ar vienu uzlādi: 50-58 km
Apgaismojums:Iebūvetas LED gaismas
Bremzes:Priekšā un aizmugurē disku bremzes
Riepas:10″ riepas ar kameru
Max. braucēja svars:100 kg
Materiāls:6061 T6 Alumīnijs
LCD displejs:Izgaismots un  informatīvs

Inokim Quick 4 Super LG is a stylish and elegant transport for a comfortable ride around the city for almost anyone, thanks to the convenience and ease of usage and the ability to withstand the user’s weight up to 264.5 lb. The weight of the electric scooter itself is 47.4 lb.

Like other models, it is made of strong and light aluminum.

Compared with the previous versions, Inokim Quick 4 Super LG has soft and energy-intensive suspension based on compressible elastomeric blocks with more powerful motor of 600W, outstanding in the peak of 1100W! This power is enough to quickly accelerate to a maximum speed of 30 mph.

Inokim Quick 4 Super LG is equipped with pneumatic 10-inches wheels, which have excellent traction. For the rider’s safety, a drum type of brake is installed in the front and rear. Due to this, the electric scooter brakes smoothly, but at the same time can make a complete stop in a very short time.

LG’s 52V 16Ah lithium-ion battery will allow you to drive a maximum distance of 34-43.5 miles depending on the mode you are using. To fully charge the battery, you need a charger and a standard 220V power supply. The full charge time is up to 9 hours.

Onboard computer has an application with an anti-theft function which is written specifically for this model.

INOKIM QUICK 4 SUPER LG is adjustable for the driver’s height. Equipped with a convenient folding system, it takes a compact shape and easily fits in the trunk of a car. The handles of the steering wheel can also be folded.

If you are still in doubt about buying INOKIM QUICK 4 SUPER LG, then order a ride test in our shop and make sure that your choice is correct!