uvex g.gl 3000 TOP blk dl/FM silv-po/cl

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Nine o’ clock in the morning at the top cable car station: it’s overcast and snowing gently. Visibility is poor. After lunch at the hut, the cloud cover opens up. The sun is shining. Now this is when sunglasses would actually be more use than ski goggles. However, with uvex g.gl 3000 TOP winter sports athletes are ideally equipped for any weather. Thanks to the interchangeable lens technology, ski goggles intended for bad weather instantly transform into a model suitable for the sun. Simply attach the interchangeable lens or remove it as required. Mini magnets ensure a firm grip and allow the lens to be safely and securely adjusted. The dark sun protection attachable lens is super-thin, flexible and fits into every pocket. The base lens with uvex polavision® technology reliably reduces distracting reflexions. Additional features: thanks to a cleverly conceived system, the direct frame ventilation ensures unclouded vision and, with the benefit of OTG technology, the uvex g.gl 3000 TOP can also be worn over prescription eyewear.



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