The brand TRELOCK is one of the oldest German bicycle accessory brands and also one of the best known; one in four cyclists in Germany know the brand (GfK study, May 2011). TRELOCK stands for quality, design and innovation.

A good brand needs a marketing-oriented company management. Our customers are the focus of all our actions. The TRELOCK team is committed to the tradition of the brand and also takes innovation very seriously – today and tomorrow – in the best interests of the cyclists in many countries across the world. We thank our customers, suppliers and employees for the trust they have placed in us for the past 150 years and look forward to the further growth of this international brand.


TRELOCK is known in Europe and selected regions of the world as a reputed traditional brand from Germany. The products and services of this international medium-sized company group primarily serve cycle safety and ecology and are produced according to sustainability factors.

The TRELOCK Group has a streamlined effective organisation with passionate employees and a strategic international network of excellent, flexile production facilities and services providers as well as customers that also share TRELOCK concepts. The integrated, efficient production and logistics processes comprise development, production, quality assurance, marketing, sales and logistics. The TRELOCK Group has sites in Germany, Malaysia, China and Canada and is also committed to further growth in strategic markets.

The TRELOCK Group offers all its employees across the world attractive job opportunities and perspectives – people are what drive the markets!


It is always the customer who decides the success of a brand. TRELOCK with a history of well over 150 years stands for confidence and technical expertise and has succeeded in generating a reputation worldwide through its fascinating and reliable products of certified quality.

TRELOCK – the brand for security. The company’s story started with locks. Today it stands for “Safety, Security and Control�.

The development and production of bicycle components is a longstanding tradition at TRELOCK. With a high innovation speed, TRELOCK has managed to expand its development competence from pure mechanics to the electronics /software / optics field over the last 10 years at the site in Germany thereby creating technological competitive advantages for itself. This is reflected in the large number of patents. The development capacity of the TRELOCK site in Germany has increased five-fold in recent years.

TRELOCK is extremely innovative because the sales structure guarantees close proximity to the market and an efficient and qualified teamwork philosophy ensures that the latest technologies are realised in the modern TRELOCK innovation centre in Germany – always one idea ahead of the rest.


All our employees actively live the high TRELOCK quality standards thus creating continuous quality processes from the product development phase through production right up to and including the customer service.


The passionate TRELOCK team defines the TRELOCK culture and is marked by the above-average motivation of each individual. A prerequisite for independent ways of thinking and consistent actions within the scope of the individually agreed targets is that the staff demonstrates self-initiative and assertiveness. An open and trusting dialogue is the basis for the efficient work processes in the TRELOCK Group.

Long-term commercial success, fun and a sense of work satisfaction are important factors that bind our employees, partners and service providers to the TRELOCK Group.

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