Sport is our passion! … And it’s where it all began. It gives us strength and willingness to act. It is what makes us so dynamic and ambitious brand. Meet us closer and see how unusual it is our every day.


We know that the success of our company would not be possible without the dedicated and passionate employees. That is why we care about the atmosphere that fosters creativity, growth, and that we just feel good.

We apply the minimum necessary procedures. Rules, forms, documents and files are not important in our work, but the passion and continuous development of our skills. We are by name and we have no strict dress code, which does not create additional barriers. We share our passion and love for sport. Each of us has an impact on their development. Our skills can be improved during external and internal trainings, so that we become true professionals.

We remember that work is not everything. Spoiler – Spokey’ newspaper is our great  success, through which we can get better acquainted and thanks to it we know what is happening in the company. As a sport company we love competition and fun – all of this we can have during after work meetings and  annual Spokey Family Day, where we have the opportunity to play with our families.


You ask where we are, and we can answer: EVERYWHERE! Catchment Spokey brand expands from year to year. We are not only in Poland but also growing in Europe. With our top project – Spokey Zone – we are becoming more visible and recognizable. Spokey Zones are already in most regions of our country, but also in Slovakia and Latvia.

Spokey office is the place where all ideas and innovative solutions have its beginning and from 1 January 2007 is located in Katowice. We work in a modern building that meets all our requirements. If you want to relax and release some energy (just to return to the task with renewed vigor), we use our

sports equipment, which in Spokey is in abundance. Daily competition takes place primarily on the table tenis and football games.

In connection with our expansion in Europe we took a big steps and in February 2011 we opened the first branch company in Frýdek-Místek – which primarily serve customers in Czech Republic.


We know that the best counselors are the users. Therefore, our testers are extreme users – a highly qualified instructors of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice and Krakow, and athletes. Our products undergo rigorous testing, which allows them to meet safety standards and to obtain the prestigious certification, such as FIFA Approved and FIFA INSPECTED, ITTF and the Road Transport Inspection.

A truly challenging tests meet our Adventure Line products, which are tested in extreme conditions. Only the best survive, and travelers during long trips – such as The Wild Heart of Asia, and Australia – are really ruthless. After this trip, we can be sure that our products are really high quality.