Ski and snowboard service

Our service workshop is equipped with the German leading company „Reichmann” ski and snowboard maintenance machines. Ski boot adjustment and insole making provides the world’s leading French companies SIDAS tools. In our service not only we do the usual ski and snowboard Sliding surface grinding, structure preparement, ledge sharpening, paraffin applyment, but also broken ski repairs (if core geometry is not damaged), new ledge piece incorporation, mountain boot clip replacement, mountain boots adjustment (adjustment for your leg) sports boot Building (lifter assembly and milling) and new Sliding surface piece’s vulcanisation in the sliding surface.

Profesionāla portatīva slēpju kanšu asināšanas ierīce - SNOW GLIDE TOOL

We offer mountain ski ledge sharpening with professional „Snow Glide Tools” ledge sharpening machines. This machine is intended for ledge sharpening and it is used by many of the world’s most skilful mountain skiers. Ledges sharpened by this machine will be perfectly sharp, smooth and precisely at the same angle throughout all length of the skis. Besides, by sharpening on a regular basis with this machine, the ledge won’t wear out as quick as if it was sharpened by hand or belt sanders.

Kalnu slēpošanas zābaku korekcija

The most professional ski boot forming and adjusting in the Baltic region. We mill and correct the ski boot’s shell by adjusting it to the skier foot characteristics. We provide sports boot preparation, lifter assembly and milling.

SM Junior profesionālā servisa kalnu un distanču slēpju struktūras mašīna

This high-class professional service alpine and nordic ski structure machine can create a Slide surface that will be intended for different temperatures and snow conditions. We have prepared skis for Latvian national team in the Olympics and the world championships.

Profesionāla servisa slīdvirsmas slīpēšanas un kanšu asināšanas mašīna SN 350 Profi

Professional slide surface grinding and ledge sharpening machine for alpine skis, nordic skis and snowboard.

Profesionāla servisa vaskojamā mašīna BWM 350 Pro

Professional waxing machine for mechanical wax applyment to skis and snowboards.

Individuālas iekšzoles slēpošanas zābakiem, slidām, sporta un ikdienas apaviem

Professionally we manufacture individual insoles for ski boots, ice skates, sports and casual shoes, which will provide maximum comfort and stability on your feet.


Ski service addresses

Rīgā, A. Deglava street 50

Fans veikals Rīgā, A. Deglava ielā 50

Working hours:

Rīgā, Garozes street 1

Fans veikals Rīgā, Garozes ielā 1

Working hours:

  • M.- F. 10:00-19:00
  • S. 10:00-17:00
  • Su. Closed
  • T.: 371 676 260 12
  • E-mail:

Aizkrauklē, Lāčplēša street 21 – “Sporta centrs”

Fans veikals Aizkrauklē, Lāčplēša ielā 21 - 'Sporta centrs'

Working hours:



Alpine ski service (with machine) (handiwork)
Ski ledge sharpening ( 86º-90º ) video  €12,00 video €16,00
Ski waxing video  €10,00 video €15,00
Ski sliding surfaces grinding video  €14,00    –
Sliding surfaces structure making  €14,00    –
Complex care for skis with undamaged sliding surface  €25,00    –
* with slightly damaged sliding surface foto  €35,00    –
* with very damaged sliding surface foto  starting from€35,00    –
* for children’s inventory till 139cm  1/2 price    –
EXTRA ski waxing    – €17,00
Gap, hole and other defect fixing after coming to an agreement with the master
Ski ledge sharpening WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP level with Snow Glide tools info (pretreatment) €35,00 (whet) starting from€7,00
Nordic ski service
Sliding surfaces cleaning with paraffin €4,00
* with waxremover €3,00
Ski waxing without fluor €6,00
Ski waxing with paraffin LF €7,00
* with paraffin LF base + HF €17,00
Accelerator (powder, tablet) €14,00
  Ski preparation for competition
Cleaning+LF+HF+accelerator €35,00
Wheatpaste cleaning €4,00
New ski preparation starting from €17,00
Foot grease for classic style €4,00
* with fluor €6,00
Sliding surfaces structuring €14,00
Ski pole heads change €3,00
* handle change €4,00
* cutting €5,00
Gap, hole and other defect fixing after coming to an agreement with the master
Snowboard service (with machine) (handiwork)
Ledge sharpening video €12,00 video €14,00
Board waxing video €12,00 video €14,00
Sliding surfaces grinding video €15,00    –
Complex care for board with undamaged sliding surface €25,00    –
EXTRA waxing for board    – €19,00
Gab, hole and other defect fixing after coming to an agreement with the master
Binding montage with drill
For children equipment foto €7,00
For adult equipment foto €12,00
Bindings with plate foto starting from €14,00
For nordic skis foto €7,00
Boot correction
Boot forming (correction) , first jut foto €14,00
* for every next one €10,00
Sport boot lifters + milling foto €30,00



To make it easier to choose which paraffins to use for the sliding surface preparation, you can input data about: sports, snow, rain, snow temp., Air temp. and humidity. Then press the TIPP to calculate the best option.

Press here to open Holmenkol grease selection assistant