On the top of Mt.Mc.Kinley, the coldest mountain in the world, Northland was born 1973. Gerwalt Pichler, the founder of Northland was a very passionate climber. He climbed in the highest and most difficult mountains on earth and in the 60ies he organized commercial expeditions to the mountains.

The poor equipment of the participants from the expeditions forced him to develope more suitable clothes and equipment.

This was the milestone ­ Northland was born.

The inspiration for the brand name comes from NORTHLAND, the northern part of New Zealand, where all his favorites sports could be done. In Northland you can go climbing, hiking, sailing, skiing, cycling…

Northland – country of inspiration.

Meanwhile Northland is represented in more than
35 countries worldwide. In China and in Southamerica Northland is one of the most famous outdoor brands.

Northland is still a privately owned family company.