FRIENDS CARD can be obtained in „Fans” stores.

Price of the card – Eur 3.00


With FANS FRIENDS CARD you will receive 10% discount. To get the card, you have to fill in a form, which can be received in the store. We guarantee that your personal data will be used only for sending special offers, sending information on new discounts, as well as for your sales statistics formation. We guarantee your personal data safety.

FRIENDS CARD usage terms

  • FRIENDS CARD can be used for an unlimited period of time;
  • FRIENDS CARD must be shown before the purchase;
  • Special prices with FRIENDS CARD will not be added if the selected product already has a special offer, is on sale, etc.
  • FANS has the right to limit FRIENDS CARD activity on certain product groups;
  • FANS has the right to make changes in FRIENDS CARD terms without any prior notice;
  • In case of name, address or other change of data, please, notify us in a FANS store or by e-mail;
  • FRIENDS CARD is valid to be used in any FANS store throughout Latvia.

Enjoy the privileges of the FRIENDS CARD

  • Get 10% off for any purchase in FANS stores;
  • Receive information on all updates, sales and various bonuses in the form of SMS;
  • A special opportunity to shop one day before the big seasonal sales.

Gift Card

A Gift card is a great and convenient solution for you if you need to choose a gift. You can choose between gift cards for the amount of 10,20,50 or 100 euro. Gift card is valid for 6 months starting from the date it is purchased. Fans gift card is valid as a means of payment in all Fans stores. Cards value will not be refunded if the card is stolen or lost.